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Strategic change programme

South Ayrshire Council has committed to making a difference to how it delivers its services to residents. 

The South Ayrshire Way Strategic Change Programme will see a range of projects deliver long term improvements across a range of Council services to bring about lasting change.

There are currently 27 projects on the Change Programme and these are listed below.

Net Zero Action Planning & Implementation

The purpose of this project is to allow the Council to develop and implement a Net Zero policy and action plan to enable all Council buildings to achieve net zero targets. The Council intends to align its Net Zero policy with that of the Scottish Government, aiming to achieve a 75% decrease in emissions by 2030 and working towards a target of zero gas emissions by 2045.

New Waste Transfer and Green Waste Station

By 2025, the Council must ensure that no biodegradable waste goes to landfill. The Council is exploring options for a new waste transfer and green waste station to enable greater control of  waste services and support strategic objectives.

Street Cleaning Operating Model

A more effective and efficient model for Street Cleaning is required to provide additional flexibility and support street cleaning demands.  Options for a new model will be explored which also reduces costs, better manage vehicles that are in need of repair or service and has a positive impact on how we keep our streets clean.

Public Space CCTV Operating Model

The project will install a modern and functional up to date public CCTV system that provides required coverage across South Ayrshire. It will provide a more effective technical network and the supporting infrastructure to support our communities.

Commercial Bin Infrastructure

Across South Ayrshire's town centres, commercial suppliers remove waste and rubbish from town centre businesses, meaning that commercial bins are often left on streets ready for collection. This can result in waste and rubbish spilling over onto streets and public areas if bins are left on streets for long periods of time. This project will consider options aimed at ensuring waste and bins are only on the streets for collection and stored away at all other times. The project will also look at how digital technology can make this process more efficient.

Facilities Management Service Review

This Service Review of Facilities Management will cover Catering, Cleaning, Janitorial, School Crossing Patrols and Public Conveniences.  The Service faces a number of challenges to move from a traditional service to a dynamic one that is capable of improving the quality of the service and being responding to respond effectively to the challenges it faces today and in the future.

Property Maintenance - Introduction of Work Scheduling

This project is about equipping Property Maintenance operatives with a digital work scheduling system. The idea behind the project is to move all of the Property Maintenance staff to a place where all of their work and updates is provided digitally, removing the need for job tickets, time sheets and paper forms.

Housing - Customer Self Service

The aim of this project is to develop and progress housing transformation activity to increase the range of on-line housing services and enable customers to interact digitally with housing services. Self-service as a communications channel is rapidly becoming an industry must have tool as it provided customers with the facilities to manage their own accounts.

In-Cab Digitised System Development

As part of the Waste Management Strategy 2021-2031 In-Cab technology is being introduced to the refuse collection vehicles. The aim is to ensure infrastructure requirements are identified and realised to meet the long-term needs of the council.

Internet of Things (IoT)Accelerator

Through the implementation of IoT, South Ayrshire Council can improve the way it delivers services. IoT allows for remote monitoring of activity through sensors that allows Services to monitor and manage key activities more effectively.   Two pilot projects are being progressed: building health and waste management. 

Blueprint for Transforming our Estate

The output will be a transformation of the Council estate to meet the needs of our future workforce and communities for a thriving South Ayrshire. This is a strategic and long-term programme of work with a phased approach that will commence with the development of a vision for the future estate including community and commercial buildings and assets. A strategy for delivering on this vision will be produced.

South Ayrshire Council will collaborate with local partners and wider partners such as the NHS and Emergency Services to improve services for the residents of South Ayrshire, providing best value

Asset Management - Housing

The Council must ensure that properties it owns are in good condition, well managed and meet the needs of the tenants.  This project will focus on the procurement and development of an Asset Management system to record stock condition and plan future investment priorities and programmes of work.  The new system will aid in the management of physical assets to meet service and financial objectives.

Place Planning - Community Conversations

The aim of this project is to engage with local people in their "place" to capture and record their thoughts on how they would like the physical and social environment to look. The Council Plan 'Our People, Our Place', sets out the Council's ambitions to improve placemaking and create local place plans by listening to communities and enabling greater choices in how they lead their day to day lives.

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering in sourcing

This project will see the creation of an in-house Mechanical and Electrical Engineering service that will support the activity of a number of Council services. The appointment of two posts will create an 'intelligent client' for the Council to advice on technical works and projects which will address a current gap in provision.

The Promise

The Promise evolved from the Independent Care Review 2016-2020 and is Scotland's commitment to improving outcomes of young people in care. At the heart of The Promise is a commitment to improve outcomes for young people and families. This is a major national policy rooted in transformational change which requires local delivery. To enable South Ayrshire to transform our culture of delivering care, 10 Improvement Actions (IA) for delivery between 2021-24 have been identified.

Golf South Ayrshire Commercialisation

The recently approved 10-year strategy for Golf South Ayrshire identifies six strategic objectives to deliver excellent golf experiences by having excellent facilities and playing surfaces, which will together generate increased income. This project will identify commercial opportunities aimed at generating additional revenue for Golf South Ayrshire which will contribute to the vision and objectives of the strategy. A range of opportunities will be considered, including hole sponsorship and corporate packages.

Implementation of the Future Operating Model

The Council's Future Operating Model (FOM) offers a new, modern way of working that also leads to a reduction in the amount of buildings the Council occupies and reduces our carbon footprint. Ways of working are split into five categories: front-line (for the majority of Council staff); office based; hybrid; agile or home-workers. The FOM has been developed collaboratively across Council services and with stakeholders and formal approval to implement the FOM was approved at Council in March 2022. 

Future Operating Model Additionality

One impact of the Covid19 pandemic has been office-based staff moving to working from home. The Council's Future Operating Model programme sets out how the Council is responding to news way of working. One outcome of the Future Operating Mode model will be reduced occupancy of offices as many staff are home based, or work in an agile or hybrid way which means less time in the office and using office infrastructure and services. Opportunities have therefore emerged to consider the additional benefits of a more streamlined and efficient office working environment.

Cunningham Place Respite Resource

This project will see the creation of an independent flat within Cunningham Place Children's House and the purchase of a Garden Room within the grounds will provide additional capacity for respite as and when required, to prevent the use of external respite provision.

Whole Family Whole System

Embodied in the Belmont Family First initiative and located in the Belmont Secondary school, the project takes a whole family approach to supporting families and reduce the likelihood of family break down and children being looked after away from home.

Signs of Safety

This project changes the way care assessments are done and enables South Ayrshire to address some of the historical cultural factors which have contributed to a disproportionately high number of children being placed into expensive care placements

Foster Carers Recruitment Campaign

This project will change the entire focus of how we deliver care, keeping South Ayrshire's children at the centre

Oracle ERP Upgrade

The Council has been operating Oracle systems for well over a decade. The current version of Oracle that the Council uses has a number of functional issues and complexities as well as high running costs Therefore, the project has considered alternative options and decided to upgrade to Oracle ERP.