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Gymnastics Entry Levels

Early Years Gymnastics classes (2.5years - Primary 1)

Our fun gymnastics programme for pre-school toddlers from 18 months to pre-school age and is a first introduction to gymnastics. Sessions aim to develop language and listening skills through action songs. Help improve hand/eye co-ordination and fine motor skills by using various types of hand apparatus. Children have the opportunity to work on their climbing, jumping, balancing and rolling skills on our pre-school gymnastics apparatus.

Early Years Gymnastics

Recreational Learn 2 Gymnastic classes (Primary 1+)

The aim of the recreational programme is to provide a fun opportunity for children and young people to develop their own individual journey through gymnastics. There are classes which cater for both beginners and intermediate. Recreational gymnasts who attend these classes will be given the opportunity to progress through our Learn 2 skills assessments alongside the Scottish Gymnastics Association Proficiency Badge Schemes which will provide the foundation for teaching high quality gymnastics in a fun, friendly & progressive way enabling them to progress their skills within their class and at a suitable level.

 An annual end of term display allows our gymnasts to proudly showcase their badge work routines to parents and friends.

We provide an excellent entry into first level competitions with individual class floor and vault competitions for our skills 2 and 3 classes and an annual inter class Floor and Vault competition.

Gymnastic display classes

Our Display class will give an opportunity for gymnasts from 8 years and above who particularly enjoy incorporating dance and music alongside gymnastic skills to join our display team. The focus is on giving the children a chance to be creative, to learn social skills within in a fun, relaxed age appropriate environment.

The class will provide the children with a chance to learn gymnastics dance routines and to showcase their skills in front of family and friends in an annual in-house display and other events.

In addition, the team will be given the opportunity to perform at Gymfest which is one of the UK's premier non-competitive gymnastics display festivals and one of the most popular events on the Scottish Gymnastics calendar.