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Riverside Place, Ayr - Consultation

This consultation is for South Ayrshire Council tenants only

In 2019, following a consultation on the long-term future of the flats with the tenants at Riverside Place, Ayr, a decision was taken to redevelop the site to provide new build housing, including a mixture of 1 and 2 bedroom amenity properties. To date, two blocks have been demolished and work has started on building 75 new build properties.

There is a telecommunications mast on the roof area of the remaining block. The lease of the roof area to the telecommunications company, in respect of the telecommunications mast, is currently due to remain in place until October 2025. The Council is actively negotiating with the telecommunications operators regarding the future of the mast.

As part of the Council's considerations on affordable housing, a report was presented to Council on 12 October 2023 seeking approval to develop further proposals and options for affordable housing at Block 1 Riverside Place, Ayr.  The Council is now considering 2 options for the remaining tower block at Riverside Place, Ayr:-

Option 1 - Demolish the remaining block and build new housing. This means the Council would seek to demolish the current remaining tower block, following negotiation to terminate the current telecommunications lease, and build 25 low rise flatted properties on the site.

Option 2 - Keep and refurbish the remaining block. This means the Council would keep the remaining block and refurbish it to provide 78 one bedroomed flats, following negotiation with the telecommunication mast operators.

We have worked with the Tenants Monitoring Group to try to make sure our tenants have all the information they need to make an informed choice.

Before the Council decides on a preferred option for the remaining tower block at Riverside Place, we are asking all South Ayrshire Council tenants for their views.  This is to ensure that there is transparency in the operation of the Housing Revenue Account (which is funded from tenants rent payments) and that tenants receive the maximum benefit from their rents. We must do this under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 and the Guidance on the Operation of Local Authority Housing Revenue Accounts (HRAs) in Scotland issued by the Scottish Government.

This is your chance to vote on the future of the block. Further details on both options and what they mean, can be found in the consultation newsletter that has been sent to all tenants of South Ayrshire Council.

Consultation is open until 26th February 2024