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Prestwick swimming pool

View the swimming pool timetable for Prestwick swimming pool.

Prestwick Pool will be closing on Sunday 24th April, to allow us to refurbish the gym - you can get more information and follow the journey during the closure by clicking here - Prestwick Pool - Gym Refurbishment

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View the gym opening times.

For full information on all activities please call 01292 269793.

Pool timetable

Monday06:00-07:30SASTMain Pool
Monday07:30-09:00Adult LanesMain Pool
Monday09:00-10:00Learn 2Main Pool
Monday10:00-13:00General SwimMain Pool
Monday13:30-15:00Adult LanesMain Pool
Monday15:30-19:00Learn 2Main Pool
Monday19:00-21:00SASTMain Pool
Tuesday07:30-09:30Adult LanesMain Pool
Tuesday10:00-13:00General SwimMain Pool
Tuesday13:30-15:00Adult LanesMain Pool
Tuesday15:30-19:00Learn 2Main Pool
Tuesday19:00-20:30SASTMain Pool
Tuesday20:30-21:30LanesMain Pool
Wednesday06:00-07:30SASTMain Pool
Wednesday07:30-09:30Adult LanesMain Pool
Wednesday10:00-10:45Aqua FitMain Pool
Wednesday10:45-11:30Aqua FitMain Pool
Wednesday12:00-15:00General SwimMain Pool
Wednesday15:30-18:30Learn 2Main Pool
Wednesday18:30-19:30SASTMain Pool
Wednesday19:45-20:45Adult LanesMain Pool
Thursday06:00-07:30SASTMain Pool
Thursday07:30-09:00Adult LanesMain Pool
Thursday09:30-11:30School SwimmingMain Pool
Thursday12:00-15:00General SwimMain Pool
Thursday15:30-19:00Learn 2Main Pool
Thursday19:00-21:45SASTMain Pool
Friday06:00-07:30SASTMain Pool
Friday07:30-09:30Adult LanesMain Pool
Friday10:00-12:00Staff TrainingMain Pool
Friday12:30-14:30Adult LanesMain Pool
Friday15:00-19:00General SwimMain Pool
Friday19:30-20:45Adult LanesMain Pool
Saturday09:00-12:00Learn 2Main Pool
Saturday12:30-15:30General SwimMain Pool
Saturday16:00-17:15Adult LanesMain Pool
Sunday09:00-12:00Learn 2Main Pool
Sunday12:30-15:30General SwimMain Pool
Sunday15:45-17:45SASTMain Pool

All general swimming sessions will be split into 60-90 minute sessions to increase availability/access. These will be specified at point of booking.

*SAST - South Ayrshire Swim Team (Pool closed to public swimming)

**Learn 2 - Swimming lessons (Pool closed to public swimming)

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers for South Ayrshire's fantastic facilities at Citadel leisure centre, Troon pool, Maybole pool and Prestwick pool are available now and can be purchased from reception at any of these facilities or by email to With a newly refurbished gym at Troon alongside the already excellent facilities at the other centres there has never been a better time to give one of our gift vouchers as a present.

Please note gift vouchers are only available at and valid for Citadel Leisure centre, Troon Pool, Prestwick Pool and Maybole Pool.


Access to Leisure card - up to 50% discount on memberships and most facilities

Check to see if you are eligible for a Leisure Card.

Pensioners living in the South Ayrshire Council catchment area can also apply for a South Ayrshire Access to Leisure Card which entitles the holder to a discount of up to 25% on many services and memberships from sport and leisure services.


The pool at Prestwick is 25m with 4 lanes and has a spectator area for up to 18 people. Organised activities include Early Bird sessions, aqua trim, pool discos and fun sessions, plus a full programme of swimming instruction, competitive swimming and disabled swimming clubs


Bellevue Road, Prestwick KA9 1NW

Tel: 01292 269793