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Business development

What's your Ambition?

Whether you're a start-up, growing business, a social enterprise or looking for employment - our aim is to support you.

The AMBITION programme supports job creation in South Ayrshire. The programme offers a range of support for all those with the ambition to employ, be employed or self-employed and will provide support to both individuals and businesses.

Business Assistance

South Ayrshire Council offers a range of packages designed to assist local businesses.

  • Business Development
  • Open4Funding - Funding Sources Finder
  • South Ayrshire Collaborate for Growth Fund
  • West of Scotland Loan Fund
  • Ayrshire LEADER
  • South Ayrshire Rural Communities Grant

The following comprises an overview of the activities and projects that may attract funding assistance. This information is not intended to be definitive of the business development assistance programmes operated by South Ayrshire Council. If any of the areas covered are of interest, or you have some queries about whether the Council could help you, email the Business Development Team.

Business Development

Our aim is to encourage the creation and growth of small businesses which can contribute to the South Ayrshire economy and create employment opportunities.


Charities, community groups, social enterprises and voluntary organisations can search for themselves through the hundreds of Government, Lottery, charitable and other funds available on a European, national, regional and local basis. Search for funding for General Community Benefit, Education & Training, Health, Disability, Youth, Sport and lots more.

South Ayrshire Collaborate for Growth Fund

This scheme helps businesses take advantage of the efficiencies created by working collaboratively. The aim of the scheme is to support the development of co-operative enterprises in South Ayrshire which can create enhanced economic impact through collective working. All collaborative projects which can demonstrate increased sales revenues from out with the South Ayrshire area, improve sector efficiency or increase local employment opportunities will be considered.

To find out more or to receive an application pack please contact:

There are no deadlines for applications.

West of Scotland Loan Fund

Do you wish to introduce new processes or equipment or expand your business? Have you raised all the cash you can from your own resources and the banks? Is there still a funding gap? Did you know that the Council might be able to help gap fund the project at competitive rates and with the possibility of a capital holiday?

South Ayrshire Council operates loan funding from the West of Scotland Loan Fund. The Business Loan Fund seeks to encourage the creation and growth of South Ayrshire businesses and can offer loans up to £50,000 to existing businesses trading for more than 2 years or up to £30,000 can be arranged for new or existing businesses trading for a shorter period of time. Loans must form part of a wider funding package. Capital holidays and flexible repayment terms can also be arranged. Please note that loans are not available towards the purchase of land and buildings.


South Ayrshire Rural Communities Grant

This scheme provides assistance to constituted voluntary organisations and charities that operate within rural South Ayrshire towards the cost of projects and activities that are compatible with the Ayrshire LEADER development strategy and programme. The grant should form part of a wider funding package that may include the Ayrshire LEADER programme.

For further information on the Ayrshire LEADER development strategy see

For further information contact: Alison Blair, Enterprise Service, tel 01292 616135, email:

Starting a business

Business Gateway provide practical information and help you and your business. If you are starting out in business, this site will help you find support, offer you the latest on regulation and tax, and provide an access point for other public sector services you might need now or in the future.


For further information, please go to or telephone 01292 427 388.

Supplier Development Programme

Do you find tendering for contracts with the public sector confusing?

Would you like support and advice to assist your business in all aspects of procurement?

The Supplier Development Programme assists businesses to improve their performance in winning contracts with Public Sector Organisations. The programme offers information and support covering procurement issues and helps to unravel the tendering process.

Assistance is provided via:

  • Workshops and Events
  • B-link, quarterly newsletter
  • Website
  • In-depth training

To access the full range of support simply register your business details with the Supplier Development Programme.