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Forms and statement of principles

The Gambling (Premises Licence Fees) (Scotland) Regulations 2007

Classes of premises licenceConv. applic. fee for non-fast track appli.Non-conversion application fee in respect of provisional statement premisesFee for - (a) non-conversion application in respect of other premises; or (b) application for provisional statementAnnual feeFirst annual fee following non-conversion applicationFee for application to vary licenceFee for application - (a) to transfer a licence; or (b) for reinstatement of a licence
Regional casino premises licence £6,000£11,250£11,250£8,440£5,625£4,880
Large casino premises licence £3,750£7,500£7,500£5,620£3,750£1,600
Small casino premises licence £2,250£6,000£3,750£2,810£3,000£1,350
Converted casino premises licence£1,500  £2,550 £1,500£1,000
Bingo premises licence£1,200£840£2,450£700£525£1,200£840
Adult gaming centre premises licence£700£840£1,400£700£525£700£840
Betting premises (track) licence£870£660£1,750£1,000£750£870£660
Family entertainment centre premises licence£700£660£1,400£500£375£700£660
Betting premises (other) licence£1,050£840£2,100£400£300£1,050£840