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Registered tenants organisations

We operate a Register of Tenants Organisations. View the current  Register of Tenants Organisations (PDF) [482KB] . Contact us if you would like a printed version sent to you.

The concept of Registered Tenants Organisations, (RTOs), comes from the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001. The aim is to give tenants associations a recognised role in the tenant participation process.

Take a look at our interactive storymap that gives you all information about Registered Tenant Organisations and Tenant and Resident Associations.

What is a registered tenants organisation?

An RTO must meet certain criteria set out by us. These are detailed in separate guidance notes.

Basically an RTO is one which is representative of the tenants in its area. It must have procedures in place to ensure that all tenants can take part and have a say on issues of concern to them.

Why should tenants groups register?

The Scottish Government has legislated that we must make provision for obtaining and taking account of the views of RTOs on matters on which we make proposals.

This means we must have mechanisms in place to allow tenants to have a say on any changes we plan and make.

In addition to this there are rules about consulting with RTOs. We must inform and listen to their views on any proposals we make about:

  • Policy and standard of service on housing management, repairs or maintenance.
  • Our tenant participation strategy
  • Anything that would result in a change of landlord

It is in the interests of any group representing tenants to register. They will have the backing of the legislation and the Tenant Participation Strategy to ensure that the council, as the landlord, consults with them and takes account of the views of tenants in their area properly.

Tenants groups should be aware that in registering, their contact details will be available to anyone who wishes to contact them for any reason.

How can groups register?

Groups must fill out a  registration form (PDF) [33KB] and send it back to us along with additional supporting information.

A member of the Policy and Strategy team will advise and support any groups who wish to register.

There are quarterly registration dates at which all groups who have applied in that quarter will be registered or refused.

The Registration dates are

  • 1st March
  • 1st June
  • 1st September
  • 1st December

RTOs must re-register every 3 years. RTOs will be given 3 months notice before their registration runs out to allow them time to re-register.


The Policy and Strategy section will support groups who have been refused to reapply and meet registration criteria. If a group disagrees with the reason that they have been refused they have the right to appeal.

More information

Guidance notes are available on becoming an RTO. They contain information on criteria a group must meet and the information they must provide to us. They also include information on the appeals procedure and a registration form.

Tenant Participation

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Tenant Participation Officer
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Tenant Participation Officer
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