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Guidance on drawing and plans

Get guidance on drawings and plans you need to submit with your application to help reduce delays.

The Heads of Planning Scotland guidance note on the national standards for the validation of planning and other related consents in Scotland (PDF) [21MB]  is a best practice guide and is a useful resource for understanding the information that should accompany applications. We strongly encourage all applicants to view the document prior to making any submissions.


Label each plan with a description of what the plan shows. For example 'existing elevations' or 'proposed elevations'.

Reference numbers

Give each plan a unique number. Include a version number and date if this applies.


Confirm the scale and the paper size, and use a scale bar on each plan. We won't accept plans without accurate scale information.

Format of plans

Save and submit the plans in the correct format. For example, save portrait or landscape the correct way up.

Where possible all the existing plans and elevations onto one sheet. Put all proposed plans and elevations onto another sheet.

Information we don't need

Don't include planning information such as construction/foundation details and cross sections through buildings. This is unless it's a sloping site.

File size

Keep individual plans and documents below 5MB in size if possible.