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Adult learning

Improve your core skills with Adult Learning.

Adult Learning offers free support to adults living in South Ayrshire who wish to improve their reading, writing, spelling or number skills. We also offer basic computing courses and support for people for whom English is not their first language. Students can learn in a small group or on a one-to-one basis with their own tutor.

Our service is run by professional staff and supported by trained volunteer tutors.

What happens when you refer someone?

We will contact them to arrange an informal interview which will allow us to identify what support is needed.

A learning plan will then be agreed with the learner which will address the person's needs.

Adult Learners choose where and when they want to work. They work towards their own targets using learning materials specifically chosen for them. Progress is reviewed continuously and they receive regular guidance as to their next steps.

Where do learners go next?

Some Adult Learners make use of our service to simply improve their confidence and self worth, and to cope more effectively with everyday life. Some learners have poor literacy skills, others may be looking to prepare for entry to a college course, or just to improve a core skill such as handwriting, spelling, budgeting or sending an email.

At present, much of Adult Learning is not accredited. However, the skills achieved can lead to accreditation if the learner chooses to move onto more formal education or training.

How can we work with you?

We can offer training to help your organisation spot clients with literacy needs. We also accept referrals from you.


Adult Learning also offers a 40 hour training course for adults who wish to volunteer as a tutor.

Contacting us

If you require any further information about Adult Learning then please call or text us on 07907 847 870.