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  • Drivers over 55 take 22 per cent longer to react than those under 30. This would add 25ft - two car lengths - to the stopping distance if braking from 70mph.
  • Try out the road safety test to see if you need to take advice about your future on the road.
  • 'Urban Roadeo' Theatre Tour. Those in the mature road user category (55+) can enjoy 45 minutes of fun and laughter to learn about road safety. To find out more contact Road Safety.


  • Council's road safety staff supports and encourages advanced driving for more experienced drivers.
  • Thousands of people provide their time and service as volunteer drivers to help others. This is vital, community-spirited work. Check out Volunteer Driver's Handbook, available to download free.


Publicity Campaigns are supported and a range of information leaflets available for either individual use or for larger scale distribution. (insert road safety email address and/or a request form) South Ayrshire Council annual publicity campaigns are developed from the annual road safety report. This allows for analysis of how specific road user groups may be targeted and by the best means possible.