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The Community Safety Partnership's 'Confident Group' co-ordinates activities relating to problem solving, youth strategy, diversionary activities, campus Police, and environmental issues within South Ayrshire.

Who is involved in the Confident Group?

  • South Ayrshire Council (Community Safety, Community Learning & Development, Monitoring Station, Mentoring Service)
  • NHS Ayrshire & Arran
  • Police Scotland
  • Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

The Confident Group is chaired by a representative of Community Learning & Development, with a SAC Senior Community Safety Officer as the Group's Support Officer.

What are the Confident Group's priorities?

  • To develop problem solving initiatives in target areas.
  • To ensuring Partner's resources are used effectively to resolve Antisocial Behaviour in communities.
  • To develop inter-generational initiatives to increase confidence.
  • To involve individual young people at risk of becoming involved or known to be involved in substance misuse.
  • To work with partners to ensure targeted young people are given continued support to access programmes and activities.

Confident Group Joint Action Groups (JAGs)

Diversionary Activities

Various diversionary activities are organised in 'hotspot' areas for antisocial behaviour. These activities develop with the assistance of problem solving groups in each area. The following diversionary activities have been carried out in the areas highlighted.


  • SAC Community Safety Problem Solving Officers
  • SAC Community Learning & Development
  • SAC Sports Development
  • Campus Police Officers

Re-deployable CCTV


  • South Ayrshire Monitoring Station
  • SAC Community Safety
  • SAC Antisocial Behaviour Team
  • SAC Housing
  • Police Scotland

Fly Tipping


  • SAC Community Safety
  • SAC Housing
  • Ayrshire Housing
  • Private Landlords
  • SAC Cleansing
  • Scottish Fire and Rescue Service