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Regulatory Panel 2013

24th January - Planning

24th January - Licensing

24th January

21st February - Planning

21st February - Licensing

21st February

21st March - Planning

21st March - Licensing

21st March

2nd May - Planning

2nd May - Licensing

2nd May

30th May - Planning

30th May - Licensing

30th May

26th June - Planning

26th June - Licensing

26th June

15th July - Licensing (Special) - PRIVATE MEETING

28th August (Special) Now Commencing at 4.00pm

29th August - Planning

29th August - Licensing

29th August

11th September (Special) - Licensing

26th September - Planning

26th September - Licensing

26th September

7th November - Planning

(Please note; Planning application for the erection of a dwelling house and boundary wall at 51 Main Street, Ballantrae - Ref 13/00954/APP has been withdrawn)

7th November - Licensing

7th November

25th November (Special)

5th December - Planning

5th December - Licensing

5th December