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Supporting Your Child's Understanding of Maths

Do you want to improve your child's understanding of maths as well as your own?

Having a good understanding of numbers and the ability to make mathematical decisions are vital for everyday life. From working out a restaurant bill to organising your personal finances, maths is something we all use each and every day and often without realising it.

People with good numeracy skills are more likely to have greater employment opportunities, command higher wages and improved wellbeing, but millions of adults across the UK lack these essential numeracy skills and confidence with maths.

We're here to help

Help with Maths response form
In conjunction with the Multiply Project, we're planning a series of parent / carer workshops to help improve your understanding of maths. Our aim is to boost your maths confidence, so that you're better placed to support your child develop key numeracy skills.

Please register your interest and help us plan workshops to fit your needs by filling in the Response form. You can also scan the following QR code...



Who are the workshops for?
The workshops are for any parent / carer with a child at a council operated school in South Ayrshire. You may find the workshops particularly useful if you lack confidence in maths yourself or struggle to support your child with their homework.

Will the workshops be free?
All sessions will be free if you reside, or have children attending school, in South Ayrshire.

When would the workshops take place?
The workshops will run throughout the year with sessions starting mid-October 2023 (specific details to follow).

Where will the sessions take place?
The sessions will be a combination of online and 'in person' workshops at various locations across South Ayrshire.

How long will the workshop sessions last?
Each workshop will typically last between 1 ½ and 2 hours

How do I register for the workshops?
A link to register will be available on this page from 18 September 2023.

Will I need a particular programme / app to take part in the online workshops?
Online sessions will take place via Skype...links to all sessions will be sent to you directly which can be accessed via any laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Can I attend the workshops in person?
Practical workshops will be delivered at various locations across South Ayrshire. You will be able to attend workshops at any location most suitable to you.