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There is a wide range of funding sources available for projects including UK Government, the European Union, charitable trusts and the national lottery. Eligibility for funding will depend on the nature of your organisation/group, activities that you are engaged in and the type and scale of the proposed project.

Charities, community groups, social enterprises and voluntary organisations can search for themselves through the hundreds of Government, Lottery, charitable and other funds available on a European, national, regional and local basis.

External funding alert

South Ayrshire Council now produces a monthly external funding alert that provides details on available funding opportunities and deadlines for applications from businesses, organisations and community groups. Further information is available by clicking on the links provided throughout the alert or via email from

Funding Alert - May 2024 (PDF) [536KB]

External funding service

We can help your voluntary/community groups and organisations to discover new funding opportunities for your projects and ideas. We provide a funder search facility that helps you to find out which funder is likely to provide grants best suited to you. We can also assist you to develop and define your business plan and or constitution, and put you in touch with experience and support from a variety of sources. Funding for projects is available from a number of sources including the UK/SG Government, The EU, charitable trusts and the national lottery. Whether you are eligible will depend on the nature of your organisation/group, its activities and the type and scale of the proposed project.

In addition to traditional grant funding there are a number of crowdfunding platforms, such as:

To allow us to assess the level of support you require please complete the External Funding Enquiry

The external funding service cannot provide advice on accessing funding for individuals, un-constituted organisations or profit making businesses. However the following contacts will be able to provide further information:

Financial Inclusion Fund

South Ayrshire Council is committed to developing and supporting Financial Inclusion Projects that aim to help reduce poverty and improve the quality of life for our communities.  The Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP) states that "We are committed to reducing poverty within South Ayrshire and we will continue to work in partnership to help individuals and families access financial support services that will assist with fuel poverty, income maximisation and food insecurity. Partners will ensure local support is available that assists with the cost of living by ensuring advice, guidance and support services are accessible and available across South Ayrshire.

Who Can apply?

Groups and organisations who are working directly with residents from low-income households can apply for this grant for revenue or capital costs. Applicants will be expected to show how the grant will improve the lives for these families.

How to Apply

The fund is open for applications until Thursday 16th May, 5pm.

Financial Inclusion Fund - Group Application Form (Word doc) [153KB]

Financial Inclusion Fund - Guidance notes (Word doc) [81KB]

South Ayrshire Grants Privacy Notice (Word doc) [19KB]

Contact Information

For any enquires regarding the Financial Inclusion Grant please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are here to help with any questions you have and to support in any way possible. Please email us at


Ayrshire Rural and Islands Ambition(ARIA) Fund

The Ayrshire Rural and Islands Ambition (ARIA) Fund replacement to EU rural development fund LEADER.  It is part of the Scottish Government's Community Led Local Development (CLLD) programme.   

Community Empowerment Fund

Funded by UK Gov Logo - DSA Grant

Empowering communities is a national priority. It is an important part of public service reform, focusing attention on reducing disadvantage and inequality and improving outcomes for communities.

Community empowerment processes support people to do things for themselves and enable people to take control over the decisions and factors that affect their lives and communities. Community empowerment is a gradual process which involves continual learning and the constant building of a community's capacity to articulate and address their priorities.

South Ayrshire Council is committed to promoting and supporting the principles of community empowerment and encouraging interest in community asset transfer, as well as groups taking ownership of local land and assets and driving forward community led regeneration.

The main objectives of the fund will be to assist groups with community empowerment through the development of cultural and heritage activities as well as sport and art.

The definition used in respect of community-led regeneration by the Scottish Government,  states that community-led regeneration is about "people identifying issues and opportunities in their local area; deciding what to do about them and making positive change in their communities."

Successful community-led regeneration:

  • increases the number and strength of locally-controlled, enterprising community organisations
  • supports local organisations taking ownership of assets such as buildings or land
  • helps people to co-ordinate action and respond to challenges in areas where there are high levels of disadvantage
  • helps people identify and act on the priorities in their areas


Constituted community groups/organisations can apply for either a grant of up to £5000 or a grant of up to £15,000

There is a total of £108,557 available for this financial year.

For this year the funding will be split £11,900 for Revenue costs and £96,657 for capital costs..

This fund opens on Friday 19th January 2024 and will close on Thursday 8th February 2024

For full information on the fund please check the following guidance notes which details the full criteria as well as details on how to apply.

Community Empowerment Fund. Application Form (Word doc) [73KB]

South Ayrshire Grants Privacy Notice (Word doc) [19KB]

Community Empowerment Fund. Guidance Notes (Word doc) [66KB]

South Ayrshire Charitable Trust

The South Ayrshire Charitable Trust has been set up to assist and improve the lives of South Ayrshire residents who are in need because of poverty, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage.

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