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Comment on a planning application

Find out how to comment on planning applications.

Please note that the Planning Service currently has a short term reduction in available staff and there may be a resultant delay in the processing of your application/enquiry. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause and can assure you that our team are working hard to process cases as quickly as possible.

Comment on a planning application

The manner to which representations are processed is contained within our Privacy NoticeIt is important to read this prior to submitting any comments. 

Planning officers review all comments before they are published on the Council's website. This is to ensure that all comments made are neither offensive nor libelous and that their publication also complies with GDPR. Due to the volume of casework and representations received there can be delays between the Council receiving your comment and it being published online. The Service Lead - Planning and Building Standards has the authority to disregard objections which are considered to be clearly frivolous, vexatious, and/or abusive.

Any comments should be submitted early in the processing of the application and preferably within 21 days from the application's registration date.

Anonymous comments cannot be considered. 

Comment on a planning application 

Material Considerations

What you can comment on

The Council is required to take decisions on planning applications in accordance with the provisions of the South Ayrshire Local Development Plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

'Material considerations' are not defined by legislation, but over time, legal precedent has indicated that they should relate to the proposed development and the use of land. More information on material considerations can be found in Annex A of Circular 3/2022 Development Management Procedures.

The most common material considerations may include the following, although the list is not exhaustive:

  • Scottish Government policy
  • Local authority guidance
  • The views of statutory and other consultees
  • Design and layout of the development
  • Height and scale of the buildings
  • Overshadowing
  • Overlooking
  • Nuisance caused by noise, smell, fumes, glare from floodlights
  • Traffic impact
  • Flooding impact
  • Impact on conservation areas, listed buildings and archaeology
  • Impact on wildlife and protected species
  • Loss of open space or recreational land
  • Sewerage, drainage and water
  • Impact on the amenities or character of the area

What you can't comment on

Matters which cannot normally be taken into account may include:

  • Loss of a private view over neighbouring property
  • Loss of property value
  • Breaches of property 'feu' restriction
  • Applicant's lack of ownership of the site
  • Boundary and access disputes
  • Competition among shops and businesses
  • Moral or religious considerations such as objections to betting shops or working on Sundays
  • Political dislikes such as objections to private hospitals
  • Health effects of telecommunications equipment
  • Issues covered by other laws such as building standards


Registering also allows you to:

  • save searches
  • track applications
  • get email updates when an application status changes
  • save an area or street and get email alerts when someone makes an application

How to view other comments

Comments or objections can be viewed online, including names and addresses. 

We'll remove special category and sensitive personal information such as signatures, personal phone numbers and personal email addresses. Comments or objections can also be viewed at our planning office.

The Scottish Government may publish this information online if the application goes to appeal.

What happens next?

We look at comments when making the planning decision. We'll let anyone who makes a comment know what the decision is.

Third parties don't have the right to appeal against planning decisions.


Live Streaming and Webcasting takes place for all public South Ayrshire Council Meetings.  Further information on how your personal data is processed if you decide to attend a public meeting can be found on the Council's privacy notice.

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