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COVID-19: latest update on how our services are affected and the support available

COVID-19: latest update on how our services are affected and the support available

Proposed Prestwick Campus

The lock down arrangements have had a significant impact on many of the services that we deliver including major building projects. Behind the scenes good progress has been made in detailing the designs for the new educational campus and preparing for the project getting underway in the new session. Discussions have been taking place with both schools in relation to the decant arrangements for Glenburn Primary School and over the summer break internal adaptations will be undertaken to support a number of classes moving within Glenburn Primary for the school starting in August. This will be followed by temporary accommodation being placed on site which will allow part of the school to be demolished in the first stage of the works. Unfortunately the lockdown has meant that there will be a slight delay in the delivery of the temporary classroom units which will be used to accommodate children during the building work.

The contractor for the new campus, Morgan Sindall, is currently working on a revised programme for the project but early indications are that the temporary classrooms for Glenburn Primary should be on site by September. A temporary early years classroom is also being put on the St Ninian's Primary School site and it is expected that this should be available slightly earlier, towards the end of August. Once the temporary classrooms are in place the staff and children will move into them very quickly. Until then staff and children will remain in Glenburn Primary School, albeit in different classrooms, and staff have been making their preparations for this and the forthcoming moves.

During the building works, the Glenburn site will be split so that the school and the project can both continue safely. In order to maximise the play space for children, part of the Glenburn car park will be removed and converted to play space for children. Additional staff parking is being created at St Ninian's Primary to compensate for lost parking.


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