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EIA scoping opinions

EIA scoping opinions can be requested of the planning authority by developers under Regulation 17 of the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Scotland) Regulations 2017. The purpose of such a request is to seek the planning authority's opinion as to identifying the issues that should form the focus of the EIA Report's assessment. This opinion should help to provide the EIA Report with a sharper focus upon those matters deemed likely to generate significant environmental effects upon prescribed environmental factors, in line with Regulation 4(2) - (3). Compilation of a scoping opinion involves the planning authority consulting with a range of statutory (and non-statutory, as appropriate) consultation bodies in order to ensure that the scoping opinion is fully informed by the respective remits of same.

In accordance with Regulation 28, the planning authority makes available for inspection Scoping Requests received and Scoping Opinions issued, for a period of two years, below:

Site referenceProposed developmentDate of issue

Sauchrie Burn Wind Farm
Scoping Opinion (PDF) [5MB]

9 wind turbines with tip heights up to 200 metres and battery energy storage30/04/2024

Proposed Clauchrie Wind Farm to Markhill Substation
Scoping Opinion (PDF) [450KB]

Section 37 Screening Opinion by Energy Consents Unit (Scot Gov) for 132 kV overhead line05/05/2022

Sclenteuch Wind Farm
Scoping Opinion (PDF) [7MB]

Construction of 9 wind turbines05/11/2021

Knockodhar Wind Farm
Scoping Opinion (PDF) [274KB]
Scoping Response (PDF) [3MB]

Construction of 32 wind turbines (Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989)10/02/2021
Howmoor Windfarm, Knoweside Hill, Near Maybole
Scoping Opinion (PDF) [1MB]
Construction of up to six wind turbinesDecember 2020

Chirmorie Wind Farm (Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989)
Scoping Opinion (PDF) [2MB]

Proposed variation to further vary the existing consentNovember 2020
Craiginmoddie Wind Farm (Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989)
Scoping Opinion (PDF) [5MB]
Proposed erection of 16 wind turbinesNovember 2020
Darnaconnar, by Barrhill
Scoping Opinion (PDF) [2MB]
two wind turbines24/12/2019
Bennane Shore, north of Ballantrae
Scoping Opinion (PDF) [9MB]
Change of uses of agricultural land to form caravan site30/04/2019
The Curragh, Grangestone Industrial Estate, Girvan
Scoping Opinion (PDF) [986KB]
Scoping Request (PDF) [7MB]
Proposed extension to an existing spirit maturation warehousing complex13/02/2019

Barbae Quarry, near Girvan
Scoping Opinion (PDF) [845KB]
Scoping Request (PDF) [7MB]

Proposed extension to an existing permission for mineral extraction13/09/2018

Tarbolton Moss, Near Tarbolton
Scoping Opinion (PDF) [1MB]

Proposed energy from waste facility20/12/2017

Land Adjacent To Tarbolton Moss Landfill Site, Mauchline
Scoping Opinion (PDF) [2MB]

Extension to Landfill Site18/12/2017

Proposed development at Monkton
Scoping Opinion (PDF) [398KB]

Proposed erection of residential development9/11/2017

Proposed development at Corton, Ayr
Scoping Opinion (PDF) [338KB]

Proposed mixed use development08/09/2017

Hillhouse and Hallyards Quarries, Dundonald
Scoping Opinion (PDF) [585KB]

Consolidation of two existing quarry operations23/09/2016

Section 36 applications

Under section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989 any proposal to construct or operate a power generation scheme with a capacity in excess of 50 megawatts requires Scottish Ministers' consent. Under such circumstances the entire application process, including requests for and issue of any scoping opinions, is administered on the Scottish Ministers' behalf by the Energy Consents Unit (ECU) of the Scottish Government. To view any of the scoping opinions issued by Scottish Ministers please refer to the ECU's website: